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Also known as: Maman Lombray, Vivian Landry
Associated Abilities: Awareness, Empathy, Marksmanship, Medicine, Presence, Survival
Associated Epic Attributes: Charisma
Associated Purviews: Darkness, Health

        Jioni is the goddess of the healing night, a bringer of soothing darkness, rest and renewal in the warmth of her dark bosom. Wherever her impenetrable darkness spreads, illnesses retreat, wounds heal and peace wells in the stillness of the night. As darkness can never truly be confined or limited, so Jioni is able to travel the world with a single thought, bringing whatever is most needed just when it is needed most. Though the vast web of darkness she weaves is frightening and alien to humanity, still they view her as a friend and beloved goddess, trusting that they will be safe in her stygian cocoons.

Jioni and Anansi
        In her travels, Jioni noticed one day that mankind was listless and bored, without inspiration or excitement in their midst because they had forgotten how to tell stories. She traveled the entire world, but there were no tales left anywhere she could go; realizing that they must have escaped from their keeper Anansi somehow, she ranged across the world with a band of soldiers, trapping the missing tales in her smothering darkness so that they could be captured and returned to the gods. When the last story had been caught, she traveled to the heart of Africa and climbed Anansi's heavenly spiderweb into the sky; when he saw what she had done, Anansi reformed himself from the spiders of his domain and thanked her, setting forth into the world to restore inspiration to mankind once again.

Jioni and the Darkness
        Though Jioni was fair and compassionate to her people, she could find no man worthy of her and wandered the world disconsolate and alone, lacking a mate to properly lavish her affection on. During her travels, she passed through the frozen wastes at the very bottom of the world, and as she went she encountered a man made all of solid shadow. Explaining that he had seen her from afar and was enchanted by her, the man begged her to marry him and alleviate his loneliness, for he, too, was without a beloved to call his own. Jioni recognized that this man was Darkness itself, but her heart was melted by his fervent plea, and she consented, knowing that no matter where in the world she went or how far she traveled, Darkness would always be beside her.