Every Scion has a Nature, an idea that describes the true inner core of her personality and outlook on life. Whether she is a firey, hotheaded warrior, a carefully-strategizing politician or a harbinger of peace and plenty, her Nature compels her to continually strive for its goals and live out its ideals. Scions show their Natures in their actions, beliefs and everyday lives, embodying their roles in the great myth that they are weaving around themselves.

Scions are creatures of infinite variety and personality, and as a result there are many Natures for any child of the gods to choose from. The Natures available to a Scion are as follows:

Architect The Architect lives to plan, build and see creations come to life.
ArtistThe Artist needs to bring beauty into the world.
AspirantThe Aspirant believes that there is nothing more noble than bettering oneself.
CaregiverThe Caregiver wants to nurture those who need it.
CompetitorThe Competitor always has to be Number One.
ComradeThe Comrade knows that nothing is more important than friendship.
DaredevilThe Daredevil is in it for the thrill.
DecoderThe Decoder can't resist a good puzzle.
DictatorThe Dictator is always in charge.
ExplorerThe Explorer is always looking for new experiences.
ExpositorThe Expositor never lets corruption go unchallenged.
GallantThe Gallant always defends the defenseless.
GamblerThe Gambler believes that luck is always on her side.
IndividualistThe Individualist trusts no one but himself.
JesterThe Jester lives to make others smile.
JudgeThe Judge believes in following and enforcing rules.
LibertineThe Libertine wants to enjoy life to the fullest.
MartyrThe Martyr always suffers for the greater good.
MercenaryThe Mercenary never does anything for free.
NaturalistThe Naturalist believes in the supremacy of nature.
PacifistThe Pacifist abhors violence in all forms.
PedagogueThe Pedagogue is all about sharing knowledge.
PenitentThe Penitent must atone for the sins of the past.
Praise-SeekerThe Praise-Seeker needs everyone's love.
ReluctantThe Reluctant misses being normal.
RogueThe Rogue is always willing to break the rules.
TempterThe Tempter wants everyone to give in to their desires.
TraditionalistThe Traditionalist knows that the old ways are the best ways.
TricksterThe Trickster sees the whole world as a game.
VisionaryThe Visionary wants to change the world.

Whenever a Scion fulfills his Nature to the utmost in the face of adversity, danger or difficulty (as determined by the Storyteller and based on the table below), he gains one point of Determination. At any time, he may choose to spend as many points of Determination as he wishes to subtract one die (or two dice, if he is Legend 9 or higher) each from a Virtue roll made to see if he enters Extremity, calling on the strength of his true nature to give him the wherewithal to follow its tenets instead of those of his Virtues. If the Scion collects as many points of Determination as he has dots in his highest Virtue, he exchanges them for a Moment of Truth instead and starts over at zero dots of Determination. A Scion can never have more points of Determination stored than he has dots in his highest Virtue.

When a Scion rolls against a Virtue and enters Virtue Extremity, he may spend a Moment of Truth in order to completely ignore its effects; instead of mindlessly following the drive of his Virtue, the strength of will and dedication he has shown in being true to himself allows him to shrug it off in order to instead behave according to his own motives. Scions may store a number of unspent Moments of Truth up to their dots in their lowest Virtue.

Scions may only spend Determination points and Moments of Truth to manage the effects of normal Virtue rolls and Extremities; they cannot use them to mitigate the effects of knacks or boons that cause Virtue Extremities.

NatureDoes Gain Determination FromDoesn't Gain Determination From
  • Laying out a complex but effective plan to trap a dangerous enemy
  • Encouraging the rise of a government based on her own recommendations
  • Overseeing the construction of a divine monument that will be remembered across the ages
  • Building a simple, easy or boring item
  • Creating a plan that is easily accomplished with minimal effort or resources
  • Beginning a plan but failing to complete it
  • Performing so movingly that he persuades a stalwart foe to change her mind
  • Risking terrible injury or death to preserve or create superlative art
  • Creating a piece of artwork so memorable or important that it inspires far-reachingly
  • Creating simple, unimaginitive or easily-executed art
  • Creating art without using all available resources in order to make it as excellent as possible
  • Performing for an audience without making a significant impact
  • Completing dangerous or grueling training programs
  • Learning difficult new skills she has no prior knowledge of or completely mastering skills she does
  • Succeeding at a difficult task she has spectacularly failed at due to lack of skill in the past
  • Gaining new skills accidentally or through no effort of her own
  • Relearning skills lost through inattentiveness or inaction
  • Completing an easy or ineffective training program
  • Facing great danger of death or injury in order to help someone in need
  • Spending significant resources on someone else's care without being reimbursed
  • Extending aid to a dangerous enemy who is likely to turn on him
  • Aiding, healing or helping others routinely
  • Saving others in exchange for compensation of any kind
  • Accidentally providing help or care for someone else
  • Defeating a renowned champion whose skills surpass his own
  • Seeking out and challenging especially worthy or dangerous opponents
  • Choosing to defeat someone in spite of knowing it will result in making serious enemies or ruining important plans
  • Defeating an enemy who is not very challenging
  • Defeating several challengers but failing to win an overall competition
  • Defeating someone or something as part of a normal mission instead of a directly-sought challenge
  • Helping a friend achieve goals that are directly detrimental to her
  • Choosing to side with friends against authority figures or family members with lasting consequences
  • Protecting a friend from danger in the face of terrible injury or death
  • Siding with a friend when there are no serious consequences for doing so
  • Protecting or saving a friend during a normal course of events
  • Protecting or saving a friend from something that poses little threat to her
  • Attempting exceptionally dangerous or death-defying feats
  • Performing or acting as guinea pig for dangerous experiments
  • Charging into a battle he has little hope of surviving
  • Charging into danger knowing that others will probably save him
  • Performing feats that are not truly severely dangerous to him
  • Doing something extremely dangerous against his will
  • Seeking out puzzles in places that pose a great risk to her
  • Intentionally walking into a life-threatening trap in order to solve it
  • Allowing something terrible to happen in order to continue unraveling a riddle instead of stopping it
  • Solving an insufficiently challenging puzzle
  • Solving a puzzle when there are no consequences or obstacles to doing so
  • Solving a puzzle while pausing for distractions instead of devoting all her attention to it
  • Forcing someone to follow his orders instead of those of another powerful or dangerous commander
  • Successfully seizing power from another authority figure of similar or greater power
  • Ensuring that others know he is the leader when doing so makes him a target of dangerous or deadly enemies
  • Commanding others who are not challenging or difficult to control
  • Convincing others to follow orders that pose no serious risk or difficulty to them
  • Giving commands that were delegated from a higher authority than himself
  • Making a difficult and unnecessary journey to achieve a goal instead of trying a solution closer to home
  • Personally trying new experiences that are dangerous to her
  • Convincing those in power to send her on more dangerous missions that happen to be in faraway or interesting places
  • Traveling to destinations she has visited in the past
  • Arriving in strange places or situations but failing to fully explore them
  • Trying something new or unfamiliar that has little chance of affecting her
  • Campaigning until she succeeds in getting an unfair law changed by a powerful authority
  • Risking serious danger or death to expose a tyrant's secrets
  • Successfully forcing a major authority to admit to wrongdoing in public
  • Uncovering corruption without making it public to everyone it affects
  • Allowing one instance of corruption to occur in order to prevent another
  • Stopping in a campaign to reveal or bring authority to justice before succeeding
  • Suffering life-threatening injury in the defense of a helpless victim
  • Spending most or all of his resources on creating defenses or aid for the weak
  • Rescuing a helpless enemy from execution despite the consequences
  • Rescuing someone from danger who could have handled the situation themselves
  • Protecting someone from anything that poses little or no risk to himself
  • Choosing to save some of a number of people in need instead of attempting to save all of them
  • Miraculously surviving a fight with a high chance of killing her
  • Intentionally going into a dangerous situation blind and coming out the other side
  • Saving someone or something important to her through a random or chance event
  • Succeeding at anything through planning or stacking the odds in her favor
  • Surviving dangerous long odds after taking precautions to help herself do so
  • Surviving most but not all of a dangerous situation unscathed
  • Taking down a dangerous enemy in single combat
  • Refusing to let anyone help him with a hazardous task that might kill him without aid
  • Successfully enacting a secret plan of his own that solves an important problem when someone else's plan has failed
  • Enlisting the cooperation of any other person for a task or plan he is enacting
  • Putting his own spin on an idea that was originally someone else's
  • Attempting a solo mission or combat but succeeding after someone else interferes or helps
  • Ending an explosively dangerous political quarrel by highlighting its ridiculousness
  • Pleasing a powerful authority into granting her a favor to be used for the good of all
  • Amusing a vicious enemy so much that she is able to survive his wrath
  • Entertaining someone who is already in a good mood or easy to please
  • Succeeding in pleasing most but not all of her audience or targets
  • Lightening others' spirits when it has no real effect or is not in a tense situation
  • Refusing to break a law even if it means his own disenfranchisement, injury or death
  • Abandoning more important duties to track down and bring a dangerous criminal to justice
  • Turning in a loved one to make sure she pays for her crimes
  • Deciding to obey the spirit of the law instead of the letter
  • Enforcing laws or justice when standard law enforcement or courts could do so adequately without help
  • Accepting any kind of partial justice for a wrongdoer, even in pursuit of punishing someone more deserving
    • Ignoring critically important missions for his pantheon in favor of having an awesome party
    • Squandering crucial resources or favors on his own pleasure instead of saving them for important issues later
    • Indulging in something he enjoys in spite of the knowledge that it will cause him serious difficulty or injury in the long run
    • Indulging in things he enjoys when they have no serious repercussions or consequences
    • Enjoying pleasures within limits rather than whole-heartedly
    • Having a good time in a safe environment when invited by allies
      • Offering to serve a painful or extensive sentence in lieu of the person who committed the crime
      • Claiming the blame for someone else's failure when she knows it will lead to harsh punishment
      • Suffering terrible injury or risking death rather than allowing another person to do so
      • Offering to suffer penalties or dangers for someone else that pose no real problem or threat to her
      • Taking the blame for something that has no important punishment attached
      • Attempting or volunteering to take a hit for someone else but failing for any reason
      • Rigging something so that his own possessions, skills or knowledge become vastly more valuable
      • Choosing to make powerful enemies rather than extend charity
      • Refusing to give something up for free even under torture or duress
      • Performing normal or unremarkable business transactions
      • Denying charity or help when there are no serious repercussions for doing so
      • Accidentally gaining wealth or influence through no fault of his own
      • Sabotaging difficult and important projects that might threaten nature
      • Seeking out and destroying dangerous enemies who might pollute or damage nature
      • Allowing people she cares about to be injured or killed rather than saving them at nature's expense
      • Preventing pollution, damage or threats to the environment when it is not difficult or dangerous to do so
      • Destroying threats to the environment as a consequence of other missions or combats rather than intentionally seeking them out
      • Attempting to save the natural world from being damaged but in any way failing, even if she succeeds partially
      • Sacrificing important goals of his own to convince others to end a major conflict
      • Embarking on diplomatic missions to dangerous places or powers
      • Being grievously injured while refusing to fight back
      • Being injured negligibly or during the course of normal conflicts
      • Creating a peaceful situation that will not last once she departs
      • Bringing about peace by in any way involving violence, even for the greater good
      • Hounding a student into learning despite the threat of being seriously injured while doing so
      • Going to great lengths to create a functioning educational system for people who have none
      • Teaching a potential enemy potent skills knowing that they will be turned against her
      • Teaching someone knowledge that they already have or that does not have a significant impact on them
      • Spending significant time attempting to teach someone who refuses to learn in spite of his efforts
      • Teaching under unremarkable conditions or in situations wherein teaching is normal and not difficult
      • Giving important, expensive or magical items to someone she once wronged as reparations
      • Going on a dangerous and potentially lethal quest to find ways to right a wrong she committed
      • Intentionally suffering terrible injury, loss or death at the hands of someone who was hurt by her actions in the past
      • Making amends that do not significantly impact, inconvenience or hurt her
      • Being seriously hurt or suffering attacks of any kind from someone she wronged but is attempting to escape damage from
      • Being forced to provide reparations or apologies for her actions rather than choosing to do so herself
      • Performing dangerous or ill-advised feats to successfully impress someone else
      • Taking credit for an impressive achievement knowing that it will make a powerful enemy of the person who should have been recognized
      • Giving up something important to him in favor of a moment of approval from someone else
      • Doing his utmost to impress someone but failing
      • Gaining adoration or recognition for feats that were not difficult or hazardous to him
      • Receiving accolades from someone who gives higher praise to someone else
      • Successfully defeating a dangerous enemy using only mortal means
      • Refusing magical help even when she probably needs it to succeed or survive
      • Preventing powerful divine figures from interfering in the world of defenseless mortals
      • Solving mundane, easy or non-challenging issues through mortal means
      • Attempting to solve a problem with mortal means and failing
      • Accepting any divine aid of any kind, even if the majority of the issue was solved without it
      • Choosing to steal from powerful or dangerous people instead of buying or negotiating with them
      • Dodging a punishment or sentence from a powerful and dangerous authority figure
      • Eschewing a legal solution in favor of committing a crime with disastrous consequences
      • Disobeying rules when doing so has no significant impact or consequence
      • Breaking laws that are not legitimately created or enforced by an authority figure
      • Being tricked or forced into breaking rules instead of doing so of his own volition
      • Convincing combat-hungry soldiers to throw caution to the wind and start an ill-advised battle
      • Encouraging a religious zealot into breaking the core tenets of her faith with disastrous consequences
      • Tempting a powerful enemy's famously virgin daughter into exploring her sexuality
      • Tempting someone who is easy to manipulate, willing to cooperate or poses no significant challenge
      • Tempting someone into something when there are no serious risks or consequences for doing so
      • Encouraging someone to explore only some of their darkest urges in order to avoid inconvenience or danger
      • Successfully overcoming a dangerous opponent by refusing effective new strategies and using only traditional methods
      • Successfully mounting a large-scale campaign to educate new generations in ancient traditions
      • Suffering serious ostracization, injury or misfortune rather than give in to those trying to force her to change
      • Using traditional methods to solve unremarkable or non-challenging problems
      • Using traditional methods to defeat enemies that do not pose a serious danger to her
      • Being aided by others with non-traditional means even if she did not ask them to do so
      • Manipulating a comrade into harshly humiliating himself in spite of serious fallout
      • Dropping hints that spark others into a panicked search for a worthless item instead of finishing a critical mission
      • Impersonating someone important despite surely being in danger of execution if discovered
      • Playing pranks that are not likely to have any serious consequences if discovered
      • Tricking someone but intentionally preventing anyone important or dangerous from witnessing the hilarity
      • Pranking someone who is easy to fool or who could not attempt to punish him if he was discovered
      • Convincing powerful authority figures to enact major changes based on her ideas
      • Creating a massive following of people who campaign and work to make her visions come true
      • Successfully and directly causing a major change through dangerous, difficult or heroic actions of her own
      • Succeeding in getting her idea implemented in a way that does not change the status quo
      • Allowing one of her ideas for change to be altered by others before being enacted
      • Enacting changes that are not important, difficult or that have no long-ranging effects

      Scions may change Natures over the course of play, as their stories and personalities change and they grow into new roles and ideals. Scions may change their Natures at any time, but they should only do so when they have a compelling reason to commit to a fundamentally different outlook on life, and must spend a Moment of Truth in order to do so. Any points of Determination that have been saved for the old Nature are immediately lost when the new Nature takes effect (but the Scion may keep any stored Moments of Truth she might have earned).